• Why Choose The Collaborative Process?

    You can divorce with dignity and respect,
    lower your costs and stay out of court.
  • Keeping Children
    out of the Middle

    A mindful choice to gather information, make informed choices, and come to a resolution.
  • Learn How to
    Start the Process

    Collaborative practice gives couples more control over the process of separation or divorce.
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A Healthy Resolution: Respectful, Private & Compassionate

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is a process that strives to preserve the emotional and financial resources of the family while achieving an agreement that considers and respects the welfare of everyone in the family. The collaborative divorce model provides divorcing parties the opportunity to problem solve in a private, confidential setting, with the help of their experts, to reach a creative settlement that meets the needs of their family.

Where Do I Start? Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

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    Learn More About The Process

    Divorce is never easy. Choosing the right process can make all the difference. The Collaborative process strives to reach agreements that benefit everyone.
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    Collaborative Law Knowledge Kit

    This free packet was created by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals as a tool to educate you about Collaborative Practice.
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    Find an Attorney

    Meet with one of our highly trained collaborative professionals and learn about a respectful resolution that preserves and protects your family.
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Why We Are Different?

What Makes the CIACP Members different from the traditional divorce litigation attorney?

Our Qualifications

All members of the Central Iowa Academy Of Collaborative Professionals meet our professional standards. In the Collaborative model, the couple sets the agenda, and they determine the settlement that is best for their family.

Our Approach

The CIACP believes respect, honesty, and family relationships are at the center of the process. All our specialists are highly qualified professionals.

Is Collaborative for Me?

    Collaborative Divorce

    You Are In Control & Make Final Decision Everyone is Treated Respectfully Preserves Family Relationships Saves Money When Parties Cooperate Cooperative Process: Mutual Respect and Openness

    Traditional Divorce

    Court Is In Control and Makes Final Decisions Someone Wins, Someone Loses Can Damage Family Relationships Can Become Expensive Adversarial Court: Process is Based on Adversarial System
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  • Why Is The Collaborative Process Better?

    The divorcing couple sign an agreement, in which they commit to resolving their differences without going to court. Each party is represented by a collaboratively trained family law attorney and may also be supported by other collaboratively trained professionals if needed in your case; such as divorce coaches, financial specialists, family law mediators and child and family specialists. The number of collaboratively trained professionals included on a team depends on the level of cooperation between the parties, their willingness and ability to commit to a healthy divorce, and the complexity (emotional and financial) of the case.

    • "It was important for me to keep our children’s best interest in mind."

      Although it is never where you expect to find yourself and you can never fully suppress your emotions, working through collaborative attorneys helps open the lines of communication. The collaborative process helped us to focus on what really matters and chart a path for what is to follow after it is all said and done. - Steve W.
    • "My emotions and needs were part of every conversation with my lawyer."

      The collaborative process allowed for a devastating situation to be handled with dignity. When children are involved, this process keeps their best interests at top priority. My emotions and needs were part of every conversation with my lawyer. She definitely helped me through this process and was there every step of the way - Amy W.
    • "I am glad we had a partner to walk us through the collaborative process."

      Having an open forum/discussion during a divorce is critical. Lifelong decisions are being made affecting you and your family. I am glad we had a partner to walk us through the collaborative process. Jeff M.
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