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The Central Iowa Academy Of Collaborative Professionals (CIACP) is a consortium of Family Law attorneys who offer a cooperative way to divorce, unlike the traditional adversarial method. The CIACP trains and screens attorneys for membership, and is your best resource in Iowa for finding qualified collaborative lawyers for both you and your spouse. The CIACP is also your best resource in Iowa for finding qualified collaborative professionals such as Child Specialists and Financial Specialists they are available here.

Kimberly Stamatelos

Attorney, Mediator and Parenting Coordinator


Stamatelos & Tollakson

2700 Westown Parkway, Suite 410 West Des Moines, Iowa

Although I have been providing clients with compassionate legal representation and problem solving for over 30 years, the most important thing I can tell you is that I know how you feel.

I went through my own very painful divorce, which was high conflict and took me on a journey that changed my life. I truly believe that family law conflicts of all types can be transformative life experiences if they are done correctly. As a lawyer it is my privilege to walk alongside people as they navigate those life changes. Having been in that flurry of emotion myself, I know that a calm and experienced voice can help bring clarity to what seems like chaos.

My children are now successful young adults, and we have “debriefed” the consequences of their parent’s divorce. Through their loving insights, I feel like I have great information about what works in keeping the children as healthy as possible despite the pain of conflict with their parents. I am grateful that I can share these “lessons learned” with my clients, as they navigate the process with their own children.

Other lawyers know me as a leader in our profession, calling for lawyers to discourage costly and contentious trials, instead working hard for out of court settlements. I encourage lawyers to use processes like mediation, collaborative law, and negotiation, and I go all over the country teaching lawyers how to use those methods. In fact, I wrote and self published a book called The Compassionate Lawyer, realizing a lifelong dream of writing a book. Drake University Law School, where I am a part time professor, named me Alumna of the year in 2015 in recognition of my contributions to the legal profession.

I feel a lawyer should be a good listener, and I work with clients to develop a strategy for their case that is customized. When you work with me you are not just another client. A fun article about me is listed here: The Unsecret Shopper Goes Shopping for Attorneys I was secretly reviewed by a person posing as a potential divorce client. My favorite part of the article was the secret shopper’s conclusion: “Overall: Kimberly is dynamic, engaging, witty, compassionate and down to earth, someone you’d love to have as your attorney, or your friend.”

Hiring a lawyer is an important decision. I encourage you to look at the following information to learn more about who I am as a person and a lawyer.

My book “The Compassionate Lawyer” is available on Amazon

You can follow me on Twitter @attorneymediate or “like” me on Facebook at Kimberly Stamatelos, Attorney and Mediator.

I also have a youtube station: Kimberly Stamatelos

You are also likely to bump into me at a yoga class around town. I have practiced yoga since 1976 and find it is a wonderful way to de-stress and stay fit.

I’d love to give you a safe and confidential place to tell me your story. You can set an appointment for a consultation by email (preferred method of contact) E-mail or call me at (515) 223-1631, where one of those new virtual assistants will greet you. Let’s sit down and talk.

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