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The Central Iowa Academy Of Collaborative Professionals (CIACP) is a consortium of Family Law attorneys who offer a cooperative way to divorce, unlike the traditional adversarial method. The CIACP trains and screens attorneys for membership, and is your best resource in Iowa for finding qualified collaborative lawyers for both you and your spouse. The CIACP is also your best resource in Iowa for finding qualified collaborative professionals such as Child Specialists and Financial Specialists they are available here.

Marla McCoid

Attorney and Mediator


Christian Collaborative Law

Live by design, not by default is the motto of this perpetually on the go professional. Authenticity and maintaining balance are the committed focus of her life and work. The key is having developed a deep appreciation for collaborative clients and professionals, who add deep personal and professional satisfaction to her practice. Bringing compassion and innovative problem solving skills provide tremendous opportunity for reward when journeying through difficult situations with clients in a team centered approach.

Balancing travel with learning opportunities is the penultimate intersection of her passions and she regularly attends IACP and other professional conferences. Marla is very active with the CIACP, serving on the Executive Committee and as president elect of the organization. She is also active in attending trainings and has participated in IACP Institutes in both Italy and Australia. In 2010, Marla attended certification training with Peacemaker Ministries and she regularly attends other advanced trainings in mediation. She is also a member of the Iowa State Bar Association.

As one of a small handful of professionals in the metro with joint graduate degrees in law and theology, collaborative law provides a great opportunity to serve clients from all walks of life, but particularly those with a faith-based orientation. Collaborative law provides a natural nexus between the practice of law and exercise of faith.

Marla and her husband, Craig, have four children, two grand-children and two Yorkies. The family regularly enjoys time at the North Shore of Lake Superior. Marla is an avid reader, consuming more than 100 books each year. She also loves to cook, golf, knit and practice contemplative prayer and mindfulness meditation.

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