Diane DornburgDiane L. Dornburg, JD

Mediator, Child Specialist
Iowa Center for Children’s Justice

501 SW 7th Street, Suite G, Des Moines, Iowa 50309

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In her role as a child’s attorney at Iowa Center for Children’s Justice, Diane sees families from the children’s viewpoint. Diane is enthusiastic about the collaborative approach to handling family law problems because it helps families set the course of their own lives. Everyone in the family benefits when parents and children have clear expectations and minimal conflict.

Diane can bring the child’s interests to a collaborative divorce in several different ways. With the parents’ agreement, she can talk with the child and bring the child’s views and wishes into the collaborative process. She can assist the parents in developing a child-focused parenting plan. Diane and Iowa Center for Children’s Justice can represent the children if there are child-related issues in which the child’s view is vital to productive resolution. Diane’s role as a child advocate is appropriate where there are custody or parenting issues that the parents wish to resolve without resorting to litigation.

Services available:

  • Work with parents to develop a child-focused parenting plan
  • Bring the child’s views to the collaborative process
  • Child-inclusive mediation
  • Collaborative team facilitator