Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have one attorney?

No. The rules of ethics as issued by the Iowa Supreme Court restrict an attorney from representing both parties in a family law case. In a collaborative divorce both parties benefit from being represented by attorneys who have been specifically trained in the area of collaborative divorce. Find a list of trained attorneys here.

Will I have to go to court?

In a collaborative case the clients commitment to resolve their issues without going to court. All documents are filed electronically so you will not need to see a courtroom. If clients choose to leave the collaborative process their attorneys must withdraw and the clients will secure new attorneys to go to court.

How does the collaborative process work?

You will build your collaborative team based on your specific needs. The team will then guide you through the process using a combination of team meetings and individual meetings. See How It Works >

How much will this cost?

Conflict is costly. The average cost for a litigated divorce in Iowa is more than $9,000 per person.

By utilizing a team of experts we are able to address issues in their proper context (not every issue is a legal issue) and reach a resolution faster. This efficiency reduces the cost in the long run because saving time saves money. So, while hiring a team of professionals sounds expensive, the upfront investment in the collaborative process reduces the overall cost of the divorce.

What does a collaborative team look like?

Teams can vary depending on circumstances, but most collaborative teams include the clients, their attorneys, a coach, and a financial neutral. We also have other specialists available to join the team as needed to make sure your family has all the resources they need as they redesign their future.

How long will this take?

One of the advantages of collaborative practice is that it allows the couple more control over the timing. Most cases are done within the 90 day waiting period required in Iowa but this can vary depending on the complexity of your case. We can also adjust the timing to meet specific needs of the family. Your collaborative attorney can advise you in more detail about the time frame for your specific case.