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When people come see me, it’s often the feel like “How did I get here?”, “How do I get out of this mess?”, or “I have no idea what to do next.” I believe that everyone’s life journey is an unexpected path. Whenever we think everything is laid out, that’s when change happens and it can bring us to a new fork in the road. That is one area of where I love helping my clients, even when the road is, or is going to get, pretty bumpy. I have always thought of myself as someone who can battle through difficult situations and I try to use that skill to help my clients. When people come to me for legal help, they are often fearful, broken or angry, or ready to be “done.” I have walked down that path myself and understand that divorce and family law issues are nothing to take lightly.

My goal is to help my clients every step of the way and work as a team with them to make this difficult time in their life the least painful as possible. It is important to me that when I accept a client’s case, that I know that we are on the same page and have great communication. We are going to being dealing with many issues that will potentially affect their lives and their children’s lives far beyond what will happen during the legal process. I make great efforts to ensure that my clients are working with me rather than handing their case off to another attorney. I want to know when I am sitting next to my client at a collaborative law meeting, mediation or court hearing, that I know their story and how we can work together to present our desired results. There are always times when cases end up in court and we have to fight the battle. I have done that many times throughout the years and there is often potential for a contested divorce. However, now there are so many opportunities to use to try to resolve cases without trying to annihilate the other party and still get positive results. I am a very persistent person and sometimes I am going to have to pick up you up and get you through those tough moments.

I hope to give clients a variety of options to resolve their case and try to use the best approaches to resolving their cases. In 2015, I was voted Best Law Firm by City View. I volunteer my time with the Polk County Volunteer Lawyers program and am member of several local bar associations including Polk, Marshall, Jasper and Tama County. Outside of my “work-life” I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three children. I played basketball in college and enjoy watching sports. I love to golf and ride my bike to de-stress and get recharged. I try to encourage all of my clients to have a good “work/life” balance, however, I am always striving to make that happen on my end as well. I feel very blessed to be able to help people in need work through their struggles and help them see there is light at the end of the tunnel.