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I have had the privilege of practicing in Family Law in Des Moines for almost 15 years. During those years I have walked along side hundreds of people in the middle of getting a divorce, in the middle of deciding their children’s futures, in the middle of dividing their assets and debts and, probably most importantly, in the middle of starting over. I have discovered that the only people that know what is best for their family are the two people that started that family. Lawyers like to think that we know what is best for a family. Judges try to do what is best for a family. Counselors can make recommendations about what they think is best for a family. But really, the only people that really know the ins and outs of a family are the members of that family. This is what attracted me to Collaborative Law. I absolutely love putting the control of what happens in your divorce back into your hands. Going through a divorce you can feel very out of control, your future is uncertain. But, with the help of professionals who have experience in divorce, you can have the tools to craft the best divorce for you and your spouse.

I adore my job, and get so much fulfillment out of my career. But everyone needs time to recharge so when I am not working I love spending time with my family. My husband and our two daughters can be found out at local campgrounds on most weekends from early Spring until late Fall. I know that the years I have where my children are willing to voluntarily spend time with me are limited and I enjoy the family time we can spend around a campfire or going on a bike ride.

I am passionate about dogs and we have three terrier mixes that keep our house very exciting and our furniture perpetually ruined. I have volunteered with a local rescue and we have been known to take in foster dogs from time to time. When I am not bringing my girls to softball or show choir I am active in my church, where my husband can be found singing most Sunday mornings and I am often helping with the children’s activities.

I graduated from University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Economics. I then attended Drake Law School where I graduated in the top 10% of my class in 2001. I worked for two law firms before I opened my own firm in January of 2012. By opening my own firm I was able to assure my clients that from the initial consultation to the final signing of documents they would be dealing with me, and only me. I have been a trained mediator since 2006 get so much satisfaction from helping other attorneys and their clients reach settlement through mediation.