Kimberly StamatelosKimberly Stamatelos, JD

Attorney, Mediator and Parenting Coordinator

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For the past 40 years I’ve been a lawyer and mediator helping families find positive growth and a purposeful future as they navigate divorce. I refused early on to adopt the “typical” lawyer style and instead have fueled my passion for helping others through compassionate methods. I wrote about my peacemaking style in my 2014 book “The Compassionate Lawyer” (Amazon), and the next year was recognized as the Drake Law School Alumna of the Year.

As a founder of Iowa Collaborative Divorce, I’ve represented clients in many collaborative cases, and have been a primary trainer of collaborative lawyers in Iowa. I have recently chosen to narrow my practice to mediation. Mediation is a process where the parties come to an agreement though the skillful listening, questioning and problem solving guidance of the mediator. Mediation allows me to bring my experience, wisdom, training, love of people and exceptional listening skills to families moving through the most delicate times of their lives, without courtroom intervention. It also gives me an avenue to continue to be a leader in the field of collaborative law.

As your mediator I can guide you through disagreements large and small. I draw from my years in the courtroom and at the negotiation table, in the law school classroom as an adjunct law professor, and in sessions with clients as a trained life coach. I bring the personal focused perspective of a practitioner of yoga for over 35 years and a spiritual traveler with a rich inner life. I’m also divorced myself so I’ve sat on your side of the table.

I can coach you in conflict resolution techniques and co-parenting dynamics, providing tools for you to use for years to come. I can step in as a voice of calmness in your collaborative case, if things are breaking down or there is talk of abandoning collaborative and hiring litigators. If I am your mediator, I can meet with you and your spouse together or separately, with or without attorneys as requested. I do not require costly retainers but have a “pay as you go” fee structure.

If you are suffering in the divorce process I can help you find higher ground like I’ve done with hundreds of families. Let’s work together to find the light at the end of the tunnel and to get you and your family through this transition with honor and self-respect. Together, through mediation, we can show others similarly situated how a compassionate divorce can create a heathier society.