Kristen BoldtKristen Boldt

Mediator and Coach
Harmony Law

4201 Westown Parkway, #240, West Des Moines, Iowa 50266

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I believe that we all have what we need to make good decisions and problem solve in our lives, but sometimes we need help accessing those tools. That is where I come in. As a neutral (or poly-partial)* coach I have a variety of resources to help clients step out of stress mode into a place where they can identify what is really important to them and learn how to communicate those needs effectively.

Creativity is important to me. I love music. I have been singing in choirs since I was a kid. I love the power that music has to transport us, to move us, to communicate feelings beyond words. I named my firm Harmony Law because harmony in music brings together different notes, rhythm, tones, to build something deeper and richer than any one piece would be alone and that is how I see my work with people. By taking a systems approach and seeking deeper understanding and creating space where people can be their authentic selves, we are able to build new solutions we didn’t think were possible before.

I am a Des Moines native. I moved away for college and while I enjoyed my time at Vanderbilt in Nashville, after 4 years in the south realized I was a Midwesterner at heart and came home. I am mom to two amazing daughters and two goofy cats. I love singing in the choir every week and traveling to see my kids when I can.

*A friend shared this definition with me and I really liked it. Neutral means you aren’t on any one side. Poly-partial means you are working for everyone.