Shayla McCormallyShayla McCormally

Attorney and Mediator
McCormally & Cosgrove PLC

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Shayla McCormally is a problem solver. When helping clients navigate and recover from difficult family law issues, Shayla devotes herself to creating the best possible resolutions for her clients.

“Whatever the issue, I want to get to the core of the problem and come up with a solution,” Shayla explains. “With creativity, hard work, and honesty, we can get things resolved positively and fairly.” Shayla knows that divorce can exact a tremendous personal toll on everyone involved, including the children in the family, and strives to make it as painless as possible. “I want my clients to know that I will always work for their best interests,” Shayla says. “Divorce is already hard enough. Its my job to make it easier and to help people move forward.” Collaborative divorce offers a path to move forward where Shayla can navigate her client to a good outcome for the whole family.

Shayla graduated with distinction from the University of Iowa College of Law, where she was very active in trial advocacy as a member of the National Trial Advocacy Team and the recipient of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers Student Advocacy Award. Following graduation, she worked for the United States Department of Justice in Washington, DC.

After returning to Des Moines, she gained extensive family law experience in private practice. In 2016, Shayla partnered with Maureen Cosgrove to form McCormally & Cosgrove, PLLC. In their divorce practice, they focus on creating a collaborative, respectful dissolution process. Divorce is a major life change, and it is their mission to help their

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